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Bikes At Trailhead Cycling

Finding The Right Bike For You

Our goal is to help find you the right bike in the right size for you.

Bikes come in many different sizes, shapes, colors and were intended for different purposes. Our expert staff is here to help you find the bike that will give you the experience you desire.

A bike built for bike camping is different from a track bike, just like a full suspension mountain bike is different from a performance road bike. There isn't one bike that does everything well. So, what experience are you looking for? Crushing singletrack? Multi-day adventures? Family jaunts with a trailer full of kids and/or dogs? If you don't know exactly what bike you want/need then tell us what experience you want to have. Chances are we will have a bike that fits the bill.

Bicycle Geometry and Bike Fit

Finding The Right Sized Bike For You

The right sized bike is essential to having a great cycling experience.

If a bike is too small you will feel crunched and uncomfortable, if a bike is too large it is harder to control and you will feel too stretched. Having the bike that is the right size for you will handle better, and will hence make you a more confident rider will provide a more enjoyable ride.

Our staff is here to size you for the correct bike and help you find a bike that will not only fit you, but also suit your style of riding.