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Indoor Cycling

Wahoo Wahpp RPM Cadence Sensor
A low profile, magnet-less, wireless solution for capturing cycling CADENCE via Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ enabled device.
Wahoo Wahoo KICKR Desk
Wahoo KICKR Bike Desk Indoor Cycling and Standing Desk
Wahoo KICKR Headwind Smart Fan
POWERFUL AIRFLOW KICKR HEADWIND’s variable speed vortex fan is capable of reaching wind speeds experienced while speeding down the open road, delivering the high velocity cooling needed to stay comfortable during the toughest indoor workouts.
Wahoo Wahoo Element BOLT GPS Computer
The ELEMNT BOLT System was designed to maximize readability and minimize air resistance. We designed the computer to sit in the integrated out front mount at an angle to optimize your view of the screen. The ELEMNT BOLT + Integrated Out Front Mount creates a system with a large smooth surface for the air to slip past, reducing wind resistance and the power (watts) required to maintain speed. The sides were tapered to maximize the ELEMNT BOLT’s wind-slicing properties following time tested aerodynamic forms.
CORE. Delivering a realistic, accurate and quiet indoor training experience by using the proven flywheel technology and advanced algorithms that originated with the iconic KICKR smart trainer.
Wahoo Wahoo Element Mini Bike Computer
Meet ELEMNT MINI – the super compact sensor based bike computer that makes it simple to see and share ride data. Pair with the powerful ELEMNT companion app to unlock enhanced features, such as ride tracking.
Wahoo Indoor Cycling
$75.00 - $100.00
Indoor Cycling Class. Keep the fitness you gained over the summer. Bring your bike, water and a towel. Tuesday and Thursday Evenings, 5:30 or 7 pm. Wahoo app and Speed/Cadence needed. Coaching and trainer provided. Saturday SWIFTERDAY 8 am 90 minute work out on Wahoo trainers with ZWIFT. ZWIFT membership included in class fee.
Wahoo Wahoo Fitness Trainer Mat
The Wahoo Kickr Floormat is the solution for protecting your floor, your rug, your carpet, and your downstairs neighbor of the effects of hard core indoor training. The mat measures 36” wide by 78” long (91x198cm). It comes rolled, which is how you can store it as well. The top is textured to prevent your trainer, bike, and front wheel stand from moving. The bottom is tacky and should stick to any floor. It’s made of 6P free PVC, which means it’s safe for kids and made of approved materials. The mat doesn’t absorb sweat or liquid. And at this size, you can not only put a Kickr on top of it but any indoor trainer, including rollers or full-on gym-quality exercise bikes.
Wahoo Wahoo RPM Speed & Cadence COMBO
Wahoo RPM Speed & Cadence Sensors Bundle Save when you purchase a RPM Speed and RPM Cadence sensor together
Wahoo KICKR CLIMB Grade Simulator
The KICKR CLIMB physically adjusts your bike position to mimic real roads and mountain climbing. This allows you to naturally change position on the bike, engage climbing muscles, and improve pedaling technique while indoors, to become a more efficient and powerful climber outdoors.
Wahoo Wahoo RPM Speed Sensor
A low profile, magnet-less, wireless solution for tracking cycling SPEED via a Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ enabled device.
Wahoo Wahoo Element GPS Bike Computer
Experience the game-changing power and simplicity of ELEMNT-the 100% wireless GPS bike computer that takes the complexity out of using and operating a bike computer while providing all the functionality you need out of any comparative GPS head unit.
Wahoo Wahoo Fitnes SNAP Power Trainer
SNAP. The control, accuracy and connectivity of the legendary KICKR Power Trainer in a convenient wheel-on design. The SNAP bike trainer uses your smartphone, tablet or computer to control resistance and provide a reliable power measurement so you can monitor and adjust your intensity. Perfect for the family or couple looking for one power trainer to share. Included in box: Trainer, Riser Block, Rear Trainer QR Skewer, Power Cord and Users Manual
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