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Cannondale Nitro Floor Pump

Cannondale Nitro Floor Pump
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The Cannondale Airport Nitro Floor Pump is capable of filling even the most demanding of high pressure tires. Stable, all-steel base with no-slip foot contact pads and Easy-to-read, two-inch, base-mounted gauge with EZ-Head snaps onto Presta and Schrader valves while requires no disassembly and provides a sturdy, efficient pump stroke. Completely rebuildable components internally and of the head. The extra long 42.5 inch/1150mm hose is flexible. Pressures up to 160 PSI/11 bar available. Available in Black and Green.
All Steel Base
No Slip Foot Contact Pads
Easy-to-read, two inch gauge
EZ-Head snaps onto Presta and Shrader Valves
Rebuildable components and head
Extra long 42.5 inch/1150mm hose
Pressures up to 160PSI/11 Bar
Available in Black and Green

Part Numbers

884603630648 CU4050NT02 CU4050NT02