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Bike Service

Bike Service Packages

Trailhead is a Shimano Authorized Service Center with Factory Trained and Certified Technicians

Trailhead's Basic Tune

Adjust shifting and braking, remove wheels to true and balance. Adjust bearing pressure on wheels, headset and bottom bracket. Safety check, lubricate drivetrain, inflate tires.

Service Interval: Every Year 

Best Service Value

Remove drive train (chain, cassette, derailleurs and crank) scrub clean in solvent tank, lube and  reinstall

Adjust shifting and braking, remove wheels to true and balance, set bearing pressures. Safety inspection, inflate tires.

Complete Frame and Component scrub. Remove headset, bottom bracket, drive train to clean frame, clean bearing surfaces, pack in new grease and reinstall. Remove wheels, open axels, clean bearing surfaces, pack in new grease and reinstall. True and balance wheels. Clean drivetrain in solvent tank, lubricate and assemble bike. Adjust shifting and braking. Safety inspection, inflate tires. 

Parts, bearings, cables and housing extra. Di2 upgrades, shock service and brake bleeds extra.  Dirty bike charge may apply. Lube, sealant and solvent fees added               

Professional Certified Technicians

You can trust your bicycle to Trailhead. Our Technicians are certified and have many years experience. We service all brands and styles of bikes, and stand by our work with an unprecedented service guarantee. Service you can trust. 


That's Right! At Trailhead we'll repair your flat tire while you wait. This includes tire and tube install. Tubeless will take a little longer. And while you are welcomed to wait, you may wish to visit our local coffee shop to refuel yourself while we get your bike ready.  

Shock Service and Rebuild

Most shock manufacturers recommend front-shock service after 100 hour of riding and rear-shock service after 200 hours. At Trailhead we are factory trained to service your shocks. Keep your ride smooth with a shock rebuild.

Trailhead Al Le Carte Services:

WHEEL Labor Rates
(parts extra)

  • Replace tube $10
  • Install tire $10
  • Tubeless repair: $25
  • Install tubeless tire $25
  • Fat Tire tube replace: $20
  • Install Fat Tire: $20
  • Replace broken spoke(s) $15
  • Wheel truing $20
  • Wheel Build $60
  • Fat Wheel Build $75
  • Hub overhaul Rear $20
  • Hub overhaul Front $10
  • Remove FW/Cass $10

BRAKE Labor Rates
(parts extra)

  • Install Cable External $15
  • Install Cable Internal $30
  • Replace brake shoes $15
  • Adjust Non-Disc Brakes $15
  • Adjust Disc Brakes $20
  • Bleed Hydraulic Brake Line $30
  • Disc Rotor Straighten/Repair $30

(parts extra)

  • Clean and lube chain $20
  • Replace chain $10
  • Replace cassette $10
  • Replace chainring(s) $20
  • Replace crankset and/or BB $20
  • Adjust front derailleur $15
  • Adjust rear derailleur $15
  • Replace front derailleur $20
  • Replace rear derailleur $20
  • Install new derailleurs $40
  • Install new shifters $40
  • Install derailleur hanger $10.00

(parts extra)

  • Overhaul headset $20
  • Install handlebars $30
  • Install A-head stem $10
  • Install quill stem $40
  • Install bar tape $10
  • Install grips $10

(parts extra)

  • Overhaul headset $20
  • Overhaul/replace BB $20
  • Overhaul hub front $10
  • Overhaul hub rear $20
  • Overhaul 3-speed hub $50
  • Overhaul pedals $10

FRAME & FORK Service
(parts extra)

  • Check/align dropouts $20
  • Replace fork $40
  • 100 hour front suspension $90
  • 100 hour rear suspension $100
  • Frame preparation for assembly (thread chase & face) $50
  • Derailleur hanger replace $10

(by appointment only)

  • Install cleats $10
  • Install and fit cleats $40
  • Comprehensive fit $100

(freight extra)

  • Box bike for shipping $75
  • Build non-suspension bike $75
  • Build dual suspension bike $150