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Layaway Program

Sometimes good things take time.

Way back in the day when one of our staff members was little, her parents made her save up $50 to go towards a new bike. That bright, shiny, red, new bike sat in the window of her local bike shop. Over the course of the summer she cleaned bathrooms, watered plants, vacuumed and helped out with her family's business of running a small vacation resort. With every chore she did she tracked her progress, saved up penny by penny and after a bit of time she was able to bring her new bight red mountain bike home. The rest of her summer she, her bike and her dog were inseparable. This is a true story.

We want to help you get your new bike so we offer a layaway program to help you finance your new ride.


  • 20% down holds your new bike for 3 months.
  • Make payments as you go.
  • We don't charge interest.
  • When you pay your bike off, bring it home and enjoy your new ride!
  • Financing is available for purchases over $1500