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Electric Bike Service

Trailhead Cycling technicians are trained in and certified to work on electric bicycles equipped with motors/batteries from Bosch, Fazua, Mahle, Shimano and Yahama. Our Technicians have the diagnostic tools to service and repair both the electronics and the bicycle components of Electric Bicycles equipped with any of the aforementioned brand of motors.

Due to a lack of technical support, diagrams or service parts, we are unable to service most direct-to-consumer electric bikes.

Regarding Aventon Brand E-Bikes and Bikes equipped with BROSE Motors:

We are able to work on the bicycle components of Aventon electric bicycles and BROSE equipped electric bicycles. This includes tune ups, adjusting shifting, braking and repairing flat tires. 

Before Trailhead technicians will service any electric bicycles the consumer must read and sign our Electric Bicycle Service Authorization form.

E-Bike Base Tune 


Adjust Shifting, braking, bearing surfaces, true wheels, lubricate drive train, inflate tires, safety check

Diagnostic Software update  $40

Drivetrain clean  $40

Parts extra

E-Bike Flat Repair

Crank Based: $15 per wheel

Hub Based: $35 per wheel

Remove wheel, inspect damage, identify cause of flat replace tube, tire and rim strip as needed (parts extra)

      E-Bike  A La Carte Repairs

Straighten Hanger $40

Install Hydraulic Brakes $100

Bleed Brakes $40

Adjust rear derailleur $30