Trailhead Cyclists Preparing For A Group Ride

Volunteering and Our Local Community

We love supporting our local community both on and off the bike. We have had the great opportunity to work with the following charity rides and events, local school and youth programs and teams with the goal of enabling people to be healthier and to create a better world via the bicycle. Check it out, we are sure proud and in awe of this work and we hope you are inspired by it as well.

Bikes4Kids Logo


Through Bikes4Kids we collect old unused bikes, refurbish them and get them into the hands of families In need. Since 2013 Trailhead has collected over 5,000 bicycles. Our hard work continues.

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Tour De Cure

Biking can be part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, this is how we became involved with Tour De Cure. We have a few close friends who suffer from diabetes and cycling has been instrumental in helping them lower their blood sugar, stay at a healthy weight, and this is an activity they enjoy doing solo, with friends and with family. Cycling is a lifelong sport that is fun and healthy on many different levels.